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Full Size Court Mounting

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(1 medal = QTY 1 court mounting ) (4 medals = QTY 4 being court mounting ) and so on. This is a court mounting fee only, you still have to order your ribbon, medals, bars and clutches. Please note that full size court mounting requires 10 inch of ribbon per medal.

x1 full size medal needs x10inch of ribbon minimum ( each medal )

x1 mini size medal needs x5 ribbon minimum  ( each medal )

Clutches need to be ordered as well x2 for a single medal

up to 4 medals after 4 medals on a single rack then an extra clutch may be required.

Clutches are also required for mini's as well  

Example:  x3 medals plus x1 bar on CD  too be mounted ( Full Size )

                x3 court mounting ( Full Size )

                x10inch of ribbon for first medal 

                x10inch of ribbon for second medal 

                x10inch  of ribbon for third medal 

               x1 Mount F/S Bar 

               x2 Clutches 

End of medal mounting order 

Any questions on this please email staff.